About Me

        Skio Ding ( Ding Wang ) is an artist in New York City. Skio is graduated from the BFA program at School of Visual Arts. While living a such melted-cultured city, Skio presents his understanding of the world through this art works. 


About the Bird series

   I describe myself as an astronaut who is exploring the real world and the spiritual world and released my vision into the artwork. One series of my highlighted work is the "bird series", which is the carrier to tell my stories or thoughts. I chose bird as my story teller because I like to be hidden behind, and make the subject to be easier accepted by the viewers. The subject widely talks about things such as, life, death, relationships, hope, power and the nature. As my exploration of the worlds goes with my life, the "bird series" has became a huge life time project too. I choose etching as the medium for my artwork because I love that I can still be wild and lose upon the controlled surface - the plate. Based on that, I like to work with aquatint. In my opinion it's the perfect combination even it feels the complete opposite with open bite since  it's very organic, hard to control in the first place, but it added a very sensitive, humble, and also wild emotion to the artwork. 



Group Shows

"Signs & Symbols", Fraction Print Studio, Kansas City, MO, 2018

Impressed 2018 "Behind the Hedges", Art Gym Gallery, Denver, CO, 2018

Group Show, Green Point Gallery, NY, NY, 2017

 “1000 Drawings” , Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, 2016

Group Show, Mehu Gallery, N.Y, NY, 2016

"The Garden Show", Lazy Susan Gallery, N.Y, 2016

"In the Tiger's Eyes", Mehu Gallery, N.Y, NY, 2015

"Equus and Such", Mehu Gallery, N.Y, NY, 2015